Anglican Identity
In many ways, being Anglican is about connection. We follow a written liturgy (consisting of various prayers, elements of worship, and an ancient creed) so that we are connected not only to the rich, vibrant history of the Church’s worship and devotional life, but also to thousands of churches and millions of Christians around the world, who also follow, with a few differences, such a liturgy. And we are further connected to many of these churches through the common leadership and shared beliefs of the worldwide Anglican Communion, by way of the Anglican Church in North America. Of course, ultimately, being Anglican is about being connected to God—to know Jesus and to make him known throughout the world—and we do this while honoring our connections to our past and following God into the future.


We Believe that God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to defeat sin and death on our behalf. In Christ’s cross, sin is atoned for. In Christ’s resurrection, death is overcome. Through him, God poured His own spirit upon those who would receive Him, to unite them to Jesus. Therefore, our identity is in Christ. In Him, we are loved, forgiven, reconciled, and made alive. In Him we are changed, challenged, given new meaning and forged into an eternal community of believers.

The beliefs we hold are founded on the Scriptures, formalized in three ancient Creeds, and established upon in the Book of Common Prayer.


St Barnabas Church’s mission is Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

We exist to:

  • Dwell in the presence of God
  • Grow in the image and likeness of his son, Christ
  • Invite the world into that presence of Love through hospitality

Our 4 core values

In Christ, God became human to make it simple for humans to grasp. By his Spirit, Christ dwells among his people, and at Saint Barnabas, we are committed to seeking Christ in each other through four core values and one universal practice.

Worship: We gather to sing praises, read Scripture, pray and eat at Christ’s table of grace.

Children: We focus on welcoming children into our gatherings because Jesus said that when we receive children, we receive Him.

Prayer: As we gather to pray for one another and the world, we partake in Christ’s work of prayer at God’s throne.

Outreach: We believe Christ shines through the love of his people, so we intentionally invite people into our home and take His love to the world through ministries in our city. There are no agendas, just love.

1 Universal Practice

Christ is the living hospitality of God, and through him, He welcomes us all. We seek to live out God’s hospitality to his people and to the world in everything we do.

We would love to talk to you more about our Mission and Values. If you have questions, we’d love to work through them with you. Please check out our Contact page or visit us during one of our Services!


What does it mean that you are Anglican?
“Anglican” mean English. The Anglican Church is a world-wide body of churches (the world’s 3rd largest) that is in communion with the Church of England, which was first founded in the 300s A.D.

Anglican churches tend to be marked by the belief in the reliability of scripture, the embrace of the ancient Christian Tradition, and the practice of worship through Sacraments. When making sense of the faith, we rely on Scripture, Tradition and Reason. Thus, we look to the Bible, check our reading of it against the wisdom of the ages and apply it thoughtfully to our own culture.
Why do you use a liturgy and where did it come from?
You are part of the ACNA. Who are they?

You are part of the ACNA. Who are they?
The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) began in 2009 as a new Anglican Province (national church) for Canada and the USA. It includes churches from four former Episcopal dioceses (Pittsburgh, Quincy IL, Fort Worth, San Joaquin CA), churches started as missionary efforts by Anglican churches overseas and churches who left the Episcopal church in the distant past and are now being reconciled.

Why do you use a liturgy and where did it come from?
We use a liturgy because it roots us in the ancient patterns of worship of the Jewish Temple and of the early church. Much of our current Anglican liturgy was compiled and written by Thomas Cranmer, an English Reformer of the 16th Century, who relied upon ancient liturgies of the early church.

Why do you take communion every week?
We believe that as we partake of communion in faith we are built up and strengthened in our walk with God (just as we are through the study of the Bible, the singing of praises and the experience of Christian community). Celebrating communion every week centers us in the objective truth of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Why do you baptize babies and give children communion?
It is our belief that children should be welcomed into the community of faith as Jesus taught when he said, “Let the little children come to me.” To learn more about our view of baptism please read our baptism statement.
Who sponsored Saint Barnabas?

Who sponsored Saint Barnabas?
Saint Barnabas began as a church plant sponsored by two congregations, Saint Patrick’s Anglican of Lexington, KY and Church of the Cross Anglican of Hopkins, MN as well as a host of faithful, praying Christian people who love God’s kingdom.

Why Covington?
We believe that Covington is an ideal place for a new church for several reasons. First, it is an urban setting, and we believe that to reach the world, one must reach the city. Second, it is also perfectly located to reach the greater region of Northern Kentucky as well as the city of Cincinnati. We dream of future churches throughout the area: urban, suburban and rural. Finally, it is close to several large universities making it the perfect place to reach a rising generation.

Are you going to ask me for money?
That depends. If you are visiting Saint Barnabas and still deciding whether you want to get involved, please feel no obligation to give. However if you see Saint Barnabas as your home church, we encourage you to consider giving to the ministry of the church. We say this not only because we need the giving in order to sustain our ministries, but because giving is a essential component of growing in Christ.

Have more questions? We’d love to work through them with you.
Please check out our Contact page or visit us during one of our Services!



Our History
In December of 2008, Fr. Chris and his family moved from Minnesota to Northern Kentucky to establish a new congregation here. They knew that if a church was to be born, God would have to be the one to make it happen! They felt like they were living the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt. If God would part the Red Sea – they would cross. If God would provide the manna – they would walk through the desert. If He would lead them into the Promised Land (yes, right here in Covington, KY!), they would possess it. Ultimately, though, God would have to do the hard work of planting this church.

By May, 2009, four people had joined. By August, there were about a dozen. Through the years that followed, God sent new people from surprising places, and St B’s has continued to grow. He is the reason our young church exists.